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How to impress a frat?

So I'm a third year and I'm not a transfer student. My friends from freshman and sophomore year didn't like the greek system so I was always scared of rushing. Long story short, I decided it's time for me to do things for myself and stop thinking what other people thought.

So anyways, I approached one of the top houses today and I could tell they weren't too enthusiastic about me. I went in not realizing they were one of the top houses and I'm not sure if I left an impression. They asked if I played any sports (which I didn't) and one of the bros completely turned his back on me to chat with a couple freshman. In the end, two of the bros told me I should go to info night and stuff but I could tell they just told me because they were polite.

I don't even know if I would want to join them even IF I got a bid from them (I heard they do some serious hazing stuff) but I wish I could at least be in good standings with them so I can have more options.

So suggestions on how I can impress these "cool kids from high school" type of frat?
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