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Pref & Bid day are held on the same day. Ali went to Anne Romano & Edith Bunker's parties. She loved them both but connected the most with Edith Bunker & put them as her 1st choice. She was kinda sad that she & Sherry would not be together but she was excited to start a new chapter in her life. Sherry & her mom gave her the courage to go through this process, for that she would always be grateful.

Ali's new friend Mia also loved Edith Bunker but also went to Carol Brady 's party. Secretly Ali hoped they would both be in Edith Bunker together but she again figured it would all work out for a reason.

Julie went to Norma Arnold & Carol Brady's parties. She was with Sherry at Carol Brady's. She was honored that the young new/founding sisters of Norma Arnold saw how much she could add to their chapter but the ceremony at Carol Brady was so sentimental & she really felt their sisterhood. She ranked them 1st.

Sherry again bonded with Marion Cunningham & they really worked on her emotions. She went to their party first & walked into her legacy chapter completely confused.

At the Carol Brady pref she was paired with a woman who was a great recruiter & knew her sister when she was an active member. They talked about her sister a lot & her sister's Centennial initiate badge was on display during the Pref party so part of her sister was with her. During the ceremony she saw how much the sisters loved each other. She thought about how her mom & sister went through this same ceremony too. Could she really not be part of their same history? She wasn't sure she could turn her back on that & she always wanted to be part of what they had together.

After the ceremony Sherry was in line to rank, still undecided. While in line she thought about how much she wanted to be part of her sister's upcoming wedding as her sorority sister. She was going to be maid of honor, along with 3 or 4 Carol Bradys.

Then she thought of her mom...her mom had taken her to sorority events all her life. Her mom helped with extension, held numerous local & national positions including a past NPC Delegate. She knew she had a lot of opportunities with Carol Brady that may not happen elsewhere. But she loved Marion Cunningham too!

7pm; it's bid day. I am in the crowd of alumna watching. Proud of the guidance I have given, exhausted & excited. Each group comes forward one at a time...I see the girls.

Ali is in a group by herself but looks very happy & excited to be greated by the Edith Bunkers...she is now a sister of Delta Gamma!!

Julie & Sherry are together, they wound up together! They never thought that would happen. Ali's friend Mia was with them too, in the Carol Brady group...they are all the newest sisters (& my sisters too!!!!l) of Theta Phi Alpha!!

And yes...Sherry is my double legacy daughter. I'm glad I won't have to go through this again with a 3rd daughter!
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