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Ali was a bit nervous the days before it all started & her mom sent me a text saying just that. She asked if I would give a recommendation to Carol Brady because that was her favorite going into Round 1. I told Ali's Mom that recommendation letters were not a necessity on this campus but would get a message out to the connection that I had which a Student life faculty member. I told Ali's mom that she had nothing to worry about. All 7 sororities were great groups & she should just be herself.

Sherry & Ali had spoken to me many times and both knew that they needed to avoid tent talk, look for true sisterhood & be who they are. I went ahead & sent off a short text & also wished the entire campus staff best wishes .

Ali & Sherry attended the same HS & were good friends although Sherry had stated many times over that she really wanted to make new friends in college & if they ended up in different chapters that was fine with her. Ali had sort of followed Sherry around a lot throughout HS & she thought it would be good for Ali to find her own identity.

There were 2 other woman, Debbie & Jennifer, going through recruitment from their HS with Ali & Sherry but they were not close friends with them. Debbie & Jennifer had both set out to become as close as they could to the women in Ann Romano because they heard they were the top sorority & they only wanted to be in the best. Somehow these ladies had become friends with several of the members & according to Sherry, they both thought they were shoe ins already!

So Round 1 began. Unfortunately the way the schedule ran, Julie had classes the first part of the day & when she finally arrived she had to miss Norma Arnold's party altogether.

The parties were all very similar. Lots of singing & smiles. Sherry said she always was greeted by a tug at the arm & a quick wisk to browse at all the things that made each sorority think they were the best on campus. Decorations were pretty basic. Some groups had cuter mascots than others.

She was surprised that she like Caroline Ingles so much, she was actually paired with a girl in her major & was able to sit in a chair! They were really good recruiters! She was very tired of standing, it seemed that every party had a shortage of chairs for the PNM's.

The Caroline Ingles group, she knew, was the biggest rival of her legacy group going back many years. Those 2 were the oldest on campus & had a deep rooted competitive spirit, everything from recruitment, sports & greek week. She was hoping she wouldn't click with them, if she even considered them, that would be hard for her sister to swallow. Her mom, not so much.

Her mom could see her in any group on campus because she knew her daughter would be an asset anywhere but she also knew how much she would love having her daughter as also a sister. This rather overwhelmed Sherry & she had decided she was going to have an open mind just the same.

The Norma Arnold party seemed a bit disorganized but this was a new sorority on campus. It seemed that many of the PNM's felt that way.

Ali was finding lots of women in her same major in both the Edith Bunker & Ann Romano groups. Ann Romano stressed the importance of grades over & over again and was very proud that they have the highest gpa of the sororities. Sherry said she asked them what happens if your gpa falls below their standards but got a vague answer & was asked if this was a concern of hers. Obviously, they hadn't looked at her gpa!

The woman in the Olivia Walton party just didn't fit right with Sherry. They were just totally different women than she was. Julie said the same thing but Ali thought they were ok.

The Marion Cunningham group was impressive to both Julie & Sherry. They have been recruiting Sherry really hard & they made sure she met a lot of their members. They told her that she would be a great member & they could really use her leadership.

Carol Brady, her legacy chapter, was her, Julie & Ali's last party. They were all 3 exhausted as were the collegiate members. Sherry thought they would really make over her but they didn't. The chapter had made a conscious decision not to make her feel obligated to them. They wanted Sherry to love them for their sisterhood, which she had heard about all of her life, and they assumed she probably knew most of the things they were going to talk about anyway.

This rather annoyed Sherry. She thought, do they really want me or not? She chalked it up to also being the last party.

Meanwhile Ali really loved Carol Brady & told them that throughout the whole party, she even shed tears when she had to leave. Julie liked this group a lot too, she felt really at home there.

Debbie & Jennifer were totally wowed by Ann Romano. They also liked Edith Bunker & Caroline Ingles but they really wanted to be Ann Romanos & figured come Sunday that's where they'd be.

Julie, Ali & Sherry were somewhat confused although Ali was leaning towards Carol Brady, Sherry was really impressed by Marion Cunningham & Julie was not really sure but still felt a strong connection with Ann Romano.
Round 2 next...
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