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TV Mom Recruitment Story

So this year I have been guiding several women through the recruitment process. Last month I shared a story of a local women who is at The University of Alabama. Now I am sharing a recruitment story of another University campus. It too is South of the Mason Dixon Line but the campus is not at all like Alabama.

There are 7 NPC chapters at this University. Although there are no houses, some chapters have suites. Various rooms on campus are used for the 3 day process. The Panhellenic on this campus is very strong & for that reason I am using strong female TV Mothers, from my younger days, to identify each group.

Weeks before the main event begins there are a variety of ways to get to know the greek women on campus. I know several women going through recruitment & will be referring to them throughout my story.

One woman, Ali,was on the fence about the whole process. She has a strong HS gpa & a medical field major. Several times I had conversations with her as to how much being in a sorority will help her with her school work. She was a bit shy & still building her self confidence. No one in her family was greek but she knew plenty about it from her conversations with me & her friend Sherry.

Sherry knew all about the process. Both her mom & sister are sorority women and she's a legacy. Sherry had a slightly stronger gpa than Ali & also was a HS cheerleader.

Sherry had become good friends with another women in her major, which is Social Work, named Julie. Julie's sister is a sorority member but at a different University & they do not have a chapter on this campus. She has fantastic grades (2nd in her class ) & played on the golf team in HS. Julie has a military boyfriend & really is looking forward to & needs strong friendships in college. Somehow they are all in the same recruitment group.

The weekend before classes began was orientation. All of the sororities had orientation leaders, the head orientation leader was a member of Carol Brady, this is also Sherry's legacy chapter. There were also several women from Marion Cunningham around both Sherry & Ali plus Sherry's boyfriend is very good friends with one of the woman in that chapter. It seemed once they found out that she was a legacy to Carol Brady they were all over her & she loved the attention!

A few days later there was a sporting event. All 3 girls attended & they talked to members in all 7 sororities. The Caroline Ingles group seemed over the top in smiles & even stretched the truth about a few things to impress the girls. The Ann Romano group took a real interest in Julie since their President loves golf & works at a country club. They even promised her some free golf sometime...all sounded good to Julie but Sherry knew all about the rules of the game & she just shook her head & smiled.The Olivia Walton, Edith Bunker & Norma Arnold groups all seemed fine but nothing really outstanding about them yet, although the Caroline Ingles group had a lot of women in the same major as Ali.

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