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Originally Posted by OleMissGlitter View Post
Ahh so there are 3 quotas? I guess what I was told was right, because the numbers are based on each chapter's numbers from previous years. So do the stronger recruiting houses get to say, "this year we would like a lower quota because our retention rate is so high?" Or does Panhellenic "tell' them?

And I agree with you big time! Anything over 125 is just crazy! I cannot imagine being the new member educator for a NM class with over 100! WOW! That becomes a full time job for the collegian.
The NPC team and the campus professionals decide what the quotas will be for each group, but I think each chapter has an idea of where their quota will fall because they have to prepare for Bid Day ahead of time.

So NPC and the campus professionals will say ABC is the biggest chapter and has high retention, thus doesn't need as many women to reach average chapter size after recruitment as DEF, who may be smaller and not have as high a retention rate as ABC does.
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