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The old way in which Nebraska set quota was HORRID. SO many women were cut out of the recruitment process completely by setting an "artificial" total to try and achieve chapter size parity. It was done by arbitrarily deciding what the size of every sorority should be. A chapter's quota was determined by how many new members they could take to reach this size. So if campus total was set at 100, and one chapter's returning size was 75, their quota was 25; a chapter with 50 returning members had quota set at 50. Therefore the number of bids that could be given by all sororities was limited from the start. The amount of fabulous women that were not able to be a part of the Greek system was tragic. Under RFM, the strength of every sorority has improved by leaps and bounds. After 2017 recruitment (and since the inception of RFM at Nebraska) almost all chapters are above or very near campus total and only two did not make quota in 2017. (And one of these two missed quota by a very small number.) Nebraska's old system was very much like IU's "bed rush." RFM was a godsend for both sororities and PNMs.
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