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Originally Posted by SAMKD View Post
Last year there were 3 different quotas assigned by Panhellenic based on house size and recruiting strength. I thought they were doing the same this year? Letting the sororities choose their own quotas would not seem to be in line with helping the chapters reach parity - the stated original reason for choosing to use a variable quota.
The chapters absolutely do NOT get to "chose their own quotas" under VQ. What a train wreck that would be! It does look like there were again 3 quotas in play this year at Ole Miss... one very low 100's (90-110ish), mid 100's (120-130's) and high 100's (160-180).

I am uncomfortable with pledge classes over 125 members. It is going to be a lot of work for those chapters to retain all of those members through pledgeship, initiation and beyond. Roll up those sleeves ladies, the work is ahead of us!
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