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Everything Old Row said is true. Even if Alabama is not the school your daughter will attend, what Old Row describes is factual at a lot of SEC schools. I know a ton of girls who have gone through recruitment at Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn and UGA. (And others, but those are the main four). Most were out-of-state, and even though they were fully prepared, there were still disappointments as the week progressed. SEC recruitment is not for the faint-of-heart, but those who get their ducks in a row before rush, then approach with an open mind, do usually find their sorority home. I've only seen two PNMs try to execute the wing it plan. Neither outcome was good.

If your daughter only thinks she "might" want take part in recruitment, encourage her to prepare. Girls as diligent as what you describe usually take the bull by the horns and get their business done. Even though you said sorority life is something you would not pursue personally, I'm glad you support your daughter's possible interest. Sororities build strong women. Membership allows them to embrace something bigger than themselves and helps equip them for many of life's opportunities and challenges. While it's true that one can find that in other organizations, the lifelong sisterhood part is missing. I can't really explain that element of it to you, but whatever it is, it keeps a lot of alumnae interested and involved in the system decades after their undergrad years. And despite the stereotypes people have tried to saddle sororities with, the system has only gotten bigger and stronger. That speaks volumes IMHO.

Best wishes to your daughter!

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