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If you are talking about Alabama which I think you might be since the out of state financial packages are so good then what everyone said about not being able to wing it and no do overs is true. She can research Alabama Greek life all she wants but there is really no way to completely understand what a huge part of life it is until you actually get here.

What can happen with girls from out of state who aren't prepared is they get really caught up in the excitement of recruitment once it starts and then they get dropped and it is devastating. You think you can take it but experiencing it in person is a really different thing. It will be very hard for her and you will feel horrible because she will be so far away and hurting.

It gets even worse if you end up having a hard time bonding with people in your activities like dance team or people in her dorm it is going to feel like everyone is in a sorority and that's the only way to have fun and she's going to feel very sad and left out. It can make for a very hard freshman year and make someone not want to come back.

So what I am saying is if there is any chance at all that she will want to join a sorority then she needs to put the work in before recruitment and start now. Sure a few out of state girls might get bids without any preparation but it sounds like your daughter is not the most socially smooth person and that will also work against her. It's not too late to work on that too.
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