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I rushed this semester as a junior.
My "favorite" house from day 1 cut me after the first round.

My second "favorite" house I actually kept inviting me back all the way to their preference night.

On bid day I opened my card and saw that I didn't get a big from my second favorite house. Instead I got a bid from the house that I ranked LAST on the first day.

I still accepted it because I knew I wouldn't go through recruitment again as a senior, it would be pointless. So I thought I'd give these girls a try even though I knew I'd be miserable.

I'm about to get initiated next week and I can HONESTLY say I don't belong in any other house. I LOVE these girls. I have had so much fun these past couple weeks and I really can't imagine myself being in any other sorority, ESPECIALLY my "favorite" house from day one.

Moral of the story is... just give it a try. I have full faith that the system works the way it's supposed to and you end up in the house that you're meant to be in.
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