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Need some help!!

Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
Sometimes a picture says a thousand words - this is genuine, not photoshopped!

Seriously, this came with the following email:

I have attached a little humor for you from Iraq. It's actually what
spawned my inquiry into the old chapter. One of my responsibilities out here with the Iraqi battalion is overseeing construction projects in support of the unit. I am having a fort built for one of my Iraqi companies and have a local construction contractor working for me. I was out at the construction site a couple weeks ago and saw one of the workers wearing an odd article of clothing that looked familiar. I called him over (which is a task when no translator is handy) and saw that he was wearing a sorority sweatshirt!! I about lost it. I yelled for my translator, then made him explain the sweatshirt and its meaning to the worker. Needless to say, he was not pleased to be wearing a "girl shirt". I explained that it meant he was part of a club (easier to explain club than "sorority") of a LOT of beautiful women, knowing first hand since I dated a few in my day, but he was still not pleased. So please, pass this on to the appropriate sorority sisters you know, and tell them that their rush efforts in Iraq are seriously slipping. This isn't the caliber I remember of their sorority at ASU. It might even be worth posting in the IFC office for all to enjoy.

I hope to talk to you again and see you at one of the events this fall.

Joe Moye

Capt Joe Moye
Logistics Officer
Border Transition Team Three
5th Battalion, 3rd Iraqi Border Brigade
I forget (and can't find) who originally posted this, but if that person is here, OR has the original photo, I would really love a copy! Please, please let me know! For reference my post is #1484 in this thread. Thanks in advance!
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