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Attn: The Beneficiary ,

Compliments of the day, I am Mr Hillary Chris an executive officer with the Federal Ministry of Finance here in Nigeria.This is to inform you that there was a meeting held on 4th May 2010 at the World Bank headquarters in Geneva Switzerland by the World Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), United Nation, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials in respect to funds owed to beneficiaries all over the World and we came to a conclusion that all affected persons will receive their funds immediately. In regards to this agreed new directive, I have been able to facilitate all the neccessary documents needed to effect your own fund release into your nominated bank account.

I have also submitted the documents to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) who in turn has also passed it on to the WORLD BANK Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland since the World Bank has instructed that all payment will be handled by them directly. Please I advise that you use the information below to contact the WORLD BANK REPRESENTATIVE in the United States of America as he is the one to effect all further transfer.


DIRECT PHONE: 1 (801) 618 - 1109

Please when contacting him do not fail to tell him that you were directed by Mr Hillary Chris and also quote your transaction code which is (TF37DVD6) this code is your direct and secret code. It is this code the WORLD BANK REPRESENTATIVE will be able to access your documents and fund for immediate release as all the needed documents has been passed on to him to enable him effect your fund transfer into your nominated bank account in any part of the World.

You are hereby advised to contact him immediately either through phone or email and endeavour to keep me updated once you contact him or better still send me an email to any of my email address listed


Mr Hillary Chris.
Never knew that World Bank's HQ is in Switzerland. Here I thought they were based in DC. Still trying to figure out what's the FBI role in all of this. Hahahaha
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