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Reading these recruitment stories, I think to myself "this is just SO HARD for today's PNMs". There really isn't any fool-proof method for MS, is there? 33, I think it was you who posted some time back about putting all the names in a hat or something of the sort. Do you remember? Was it you? More and more I ponder the whole recruitment process and I am truly grateful that NPC sororities continue to grow despite all the challenges and cultural changes.

Anyway, jessarose, I've been following, and I commend you on how you dealt with your disappointment as well as your joy throughout the week.

One last thing: ABC chapter may be tops at Arizona, and in the cellar at Penn. And so what? It's just for four years, and that is a blip in the big picture of life. What I have experienced that truly matters is the lifelong connection that sorority membership brings with it. It's there for the taking. This is hard to convey to 18 year olds. I have many close Theta friends, and I also have many close friends in other GLOs. We have the shared sorority experience, and honestly I'm grateful for the Panhellenic connections I have.
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