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Just wanted to take the opportunity to THANK USM's "wonderful" greek life. As a greek alum, I loved my greek experience. Not so, my cousin. She rushed this past week and left heartbroken. She was not sure if she would rush after graduating h.s., but a couple of sorority girls decided to make her their pet project. They had "sisters" friend her on FB, hung out with her group, and pursued her all summer. They had a poster in this sorority on her activities and grades (which are excellent, btw). She graduated Cum Laude in Honors, is a scholarship receipient to USM and her resume is about five pages long. She is beautiful, funny and never meets a stranger. However, all the sororities cut her (including the THREE she was a legacy to - grandmother, mother and two aunts) the night of pref because this sorority spread the word she was pledging them. I understand they did not promise anything; however, she liked one of the others best. Thanks, greek life at USM. This gives a new meaning to "dirty rush". I am sure my cousin will go on to be a great attribute to USM; and not miss a minute of the horrible women in this one sorority. I do think she would have been a great fit at the one she loved, but the bad one was so focused on numbers that they ruined it for both. I hope you receive the same consideration when you go for your first job interview or maybe when your child decides to rush.

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