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Originally Posted by chi-o_cat View Post
I'm currently reading Jesus Land. It's a memoir written by a woman who grew up in the midwest with parents who cared more about their church than their kids. She (understandably) grows into a rebellious teenager, and ends up at some creepy church-run reform school in the Dominican Republic. I'm about halfway through, so just to the part where she arrives at the reform school.

I'm enjoying it because I love memoirs (especially from people of my generation), and I'm also interested in things like fringe religions and religious abuse. In the same trip to the used bookstore where I got this, I also picked up a memoir by someone raised in (and later gets out of) Scientology. I'll read that next. I've probably read 2 or 3 books by women who have escaped from the FLDS (the polygamist sects led by folks like Warren Jeffs), plus Under The Banner of Heaven, by Jon Krakauer.
I read Jesus Land - it was really good, I won't give you any spoilers, and I too am fascinated by the religious fringe and Quiverfull believers. I just read a book called "Unorthodox" written by an Orthodox Jewish woman who left her religion and ended up being ostracized by her family, it was really interesting.
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