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I know some of you remember the last time Carny and I got into it b/c she thought I was talking about her... (If I am talking about her and her brood, I usually just say so...)

I got called, "That BITCH Tippiechick" in Mod's Corner when I dared to ask why it was deleted... She never even so much as said anything on the subject to me. But, wow, she apparantly said some stuff in MC.

It's so funny how they think we "regular folk" never hear what they say about us. We hear. We may not choose to address it at that moment, but we hear...

Point is, don't count on ANYTHING being addressed. I learned that calling John on his phone is they only way anything REALLY gets addressed around here. Don't get me wrong, lots of mods try, but nothing happens unless John oks it. So, again, don't hold your breath.
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