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Originally Posted by eswizzle View Post
Hi! I have posted on this site before and have one last burning/concerning question. I have seen many posts about this before but want to know the specifics. One of my past sisters dropped/resigned from our sorority in her third year to sign up for formal recruitment the following semester. She was able to contact other orgs on our campus for COB/informal but decided the one that she wanted was not open for COB. So she signed up for recruitment and had no problems signing up and has not been caught thus far. To my understanding, I know that this is "illegal" or not recommended. But at my university, they seem to be slack on checking names in the system because many other girls have done this when a chapter closed at my school. I am concerned for this sister and want to see what would happen/logistics to this plan of re-rushing. Thank you!
She's not allowed to do that. The only way she would ever be allowed to join more than one (NPC, I'm assuming) sorority is if she joins one, drops before initiation, and re-rushes one calendar year later. And as far as the school slacking off, well...let's just say social media has a tendency to expose people at some point or another
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