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Bemidji State University
Bemidji, MN

Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Epsilon 1971-1984

Gustavus Adolphus College
Saint Peter, MN
Campus Total=
Sigma Sigma Sigma Eta Theta 1998 (12)
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Xi 2012

Minnesota State University - Mankato
Mankato, MN
September 6-9
Campus Total=74 (Fall 2016)
Quota Last Year=25
Delta Delta Delta Phi Psi 1964-1975
Alpha Chi Omega Delta Tau 1965
Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Pi 1966 (21)
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Mu 1967-1973
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Rho 1990
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Gamma 1992-?
Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Kappa 1997 (5)

Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Moorhead, MN
August 26-September 5
Campus Total=35
Quota Last Year=7
Delta Zeta Theta Nu 1963 (5)
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Alpha 1964-1984
Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Mu 1964 (5)
Alpha Phi Delta Omega 1966-1988

St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN
September 27-30
Campus Total=
Quota last year=
Alpha Xi Delta Delta Theta 1963-1977
Alpha Phi Delta Omicron 1964-1978
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Nu 1965-1982

Delta Zeta Theta Mu 1966
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Iota 1993
Theta Phi Alpha Delta Zeta 2014

Saint Mary's School
Winona, MN
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Phi 1986-?

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
September 1-9
Campus Total=147 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=30+12=42
Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi 1880 (42)
Delta Gamma Lambda 1882 (43)
Delta Delta Delta Theta 1894-2004
Kappa Alpha Theta Upsilon 1889-1891/1892 (38)
Alpha Phi Epsilon 1890 (48)
Pi Beta Phi Minnesota Alpha 1890-1897/1905 (50)
Gamma Phi Beta Kappa 1903 (44)
Alpha Xi Delta Mu 1907-1960/1983-1986
Alpha Gamma Delta Delta 1908 (43)
Alpha Omicron Pi Tau 1912 (45)
Phi Omega Pi Kappa 1916-?
Kappa Delta Sigma Beta 1918-1972

Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda 1921 (42)
Sigma Kappa Alpha Eta 1921-1961
Chi Omega Pi Beta 1921-1989/2013 (43)
Delta Zeta Gamma 1923-1965
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Tau 1923-1959

Phi Mu Zeta Eta 1925-1935/1946-1970/2016 (44)
Beta Phi Alpha Kappa 1926-1939
Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Rho 1928-1987
Delta Phi Epsilon Tau 1929-1932
Sigma Delta Tau Nu 1929-1994
Alpha Delta Theta Tau 1931-1939 National merger with Phi Mu

Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Iota 1938-1978/2013-2018

University of Minnesota - Duluth
Duluth, MN
September 18-21
Campus Total=98 (Fall 2018)
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Zeta 2004 (32)
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Chi 2017 (29)

University of Minnesota - Morris
Morris, MN

Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Gamma 1970-1980

University of Saint Thomas
Houston, MN

Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Pi 1979-1985

Winona State University
Winona, MN
September 7-9
Campus Total=73 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=
Delta Zeta Zeta Upsilon 1962-1983
Alpha Xi Delta Delta Omega 1965-1984
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Upsilon 1969-1984

Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau 1990 (15)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Zeta Eta 1992 (15)
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Phi 2016 (15)

Alpha Gamma Delta
University of Minnesota Delta 1908
Minnesota State University - Mankato Beta Mu 1967-1973
University of Saint Thomas Beta Pi 1979-1985

Alpha Delta Pi
University of Minnesota Alpha Rho 1928-1987
Moorhead State University Epsilon Alpha 1964-1984
Winona State University Epsilon Upsilon 1969-1984

Alpha Epsilon Phi
University of Minnesota Alpha Iota 1938-1978/2013-2018

Alpha Xi Delta
University of Minnesota Mu 1907-1960/1983-1986
St. Cloud State University Delta Theta 1963-1977
Winona State University Delta Omega 1965-1984

Alpha Omicron Pi
University of Minnesota Tau 1912
Bemidji State University Beta Epsilon 1971-1984

Alpha Sigma Alpha
Minnesota State University - Mankato Zeta Kappa 1997

Alpha Sigma Tau
Gustavus Adolphus College Epsilon Xi 2012
Winona State University Epsilon Phi 2016
University of Minnesota - Duluth Epsilon Chi 2017

Alpha Phi
University of Minnesota Epsilon 1890
St. Cloud State University Delta Omicron 1964-1978
Moorhead State University Delta Omega 1966-1988

Alpha Chi Omega
University of Minnesota Alpha Lambda 1921
Minnesota State University - Mankato Delta Tau 1965

Gamma Phi Beta
University of Minnesota Kappa 1903
Moorhead State University Gamma Mu 1964
Minnesota State University - Mankato Gamma Pi 1966

Delta Gamma
University of Minnesota Lambda 1882

Delta Delta Delta
University of Minnesota Theta 1894-2004
Minnesota State University - Mankato Phi Psi 1964-1975

Delta Zeta
University of Minnesota Gamma 1923-1965
Winona State University Zeta Upsilon 1962-1983

Moorhead State University Theta Nu 1963
St. Cloud State University Theta Mu 1966

Delta Phi Epsilon
University of Minnesota Tau 1929-1932
Winona State University Alpha Tau 1990
Minnesota State University - Mankato Beta Gamma 1992-?
St. Cloud State University Beta Iota 1993

Zeta Tau Alpha
University of Minnesota Alpha Tau 1923-1959

Theta Phi Alpha
Saint Mary's School Alpha Phi 1986-?
St. Cloud State University Delta Zeta 2014

Kappa Alpha Theta
University of Minnesota Upsilon 1889-1891/1892

Kappa Delta
University of Minnesota Sigma Beta 1918-1972

Kappa Kappa Gamma
University of Minnesota Chi 1880

Pi Beta Phi
University of Minnesota Minnesota Alpha 1890-1897/1905

Sigma Delta Tau
University of Minnesota Nu 1929-200?

Sigma Kappa
University of Minnesota Alpha Eta 1921-1961

Sigma Sigma Sigma
St. Cloud State University Gamma Nu 1965-1982
University of Minnesota - Morris Delta Gamma 1970-1980

Minnesota State University - Mankato Epsilon Rho 1990
Winona State University Zeta Eta 1992
Gustavus Adolphus College Eta Theta 1998

Phi Mu
University of Minnesota Zeta Eta 1925-1935/1946-1970/2016

Phi Sigma Sigma
University of Minnesota - Duluth Iota Zeta 2004

Chi Omega
University of Minnesota Pi Beta 1921-1989/2014
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