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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
I also wonder if it hurts the weaker chapters that the top X number are all #1, and then the "back-ups" are ranked. Basically, the PNM's have to think about which chapters they like the least, but not which chapters they like the best. It's subtle, but I think that it makes PNM's really focus on the bad.
I see the point and guess it would be better to tell them to give each one a number rank, but when we’re talking about schools with 16+ chapters that would be a head spinning nightmare.

Originally Posted by ellebud View Post
I think that so much depends on the individual. The Reluctant One was/is very secure. She truly didn't care about the tiers. She ranked several top houses below a top three house

BUT there are those young women (one of whom I wrote about in my story so many years ago) for whom it is top tier or out. I think that it would be very interesting to see statistics on who drops out of recruitment and the end...after a top 3 non invitation...or do the pnms "stick it out"?

I wish that it could/should be stressed that you will have a social life. You will make friends...whatever house you join or don't join. A friend of one of my kids makes a fabulous presentation. She's gorgeous. She dresses amazingly well. She is from a well placed family. And for an hour she can hold it together: she is the biggest dork in the world.

She is a smart dork. She pledged a "low tier" house. Her rho chi was baffled. The girl knew herself.
Unfortunately not everyone has that knowledge the minute they step on campus. Going through rush as a sophomore, the dismissive attitude of the “top” chapter on my campus just made me laugh to myself at how much they were conforming to stereotype. Had I experienced it as a brand-new freshman, it would have devastated me.
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