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Originally Posted by SWTXBelle View Post
Ah, but if you are in a sorority, you are attending large classes - with your sisters, or with the support of your sisters. You still have to navigate a campus bigger than your hometown - with the help of your sisters. You might hate your major- but you have sisters to commiserate with you. In a way, you ARE "doing sorority" 24/7. You don't get to avoid possible negative experiences - but you get to go through them with the help, support, and knowledge of your chapter.
Oh good, I can finish my thought

Yes, sisters help lessen the bad experiences, but the things I mentioned AREN’T “bad” experiences, they’re just things that are. If you keep saying “well I hate the huge classes (or its flipside, how tiny this school is)/my major/the climate/the surrounding town, but my sorority is 100% awesome!” - I mean, how many things does your GLO have to help you put up with? How much freight does it have to carry? Maybe sometimes it is just getting used to a new environment, but a lot of times that school is just NOT for you.

I would hate to feel “trapped” in a school that I otherwise hated simply because of my devotion to my sisters.
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