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I think it depends on the size of the school, the type of school, and the number of Greeks. For example, at my first school, our houses were crappy. I would say my chapter and SigEp had the cleanest houses - but we both had old and falling apart houses, from years of Greek usage. Alpha Gamma Rho had the best house because they built it recently, but it was very far away from campus (almost a mile) and about 1.5 miles from the rest of the Greeks. Almost all GLOs rented their houses and the landlords, for the most part didn't care. Delta Sig has a great house but they don't take the best care of some parts of it.

At my new campus, the sororities have condos right next to each other - they are gorgeous. My campus has older chapters, but this is a wealthier school that generally supports Greeks more and encourages living off campus. The fraternity houses vary - Kappa Sig doesn't have one yet, Delta Chi and SigEp have fairly regular houses, and Triangle has a GORGEOUS home right next to the union.
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