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Well, I've seen some amazing chapter houses in California (UC Berkeley FIJI house for example) but at the same time there are many, many houses that are just student housing which tends to be rather plain and ugly. I would imagine, from my time traveling and photos that it isnít a matter of location but rather age... older schools and older chapters tend to have bigger houses with more theme and presence while newer campuses and newer Greek systems have more student housing. Those schools that embrace/support Greeks (or did previously) may have a great fraternity row while those schools that have low Greek %s or simply don't like Greeks tend to have poor Greek housing and often leave it up to fraternities to find their own places. Of course the East Coast has many older schools which often have much better Greek support, much stronger alumni connections and what not while the West Coast has a lot of "new age" schools which would clearly make things seem how you stated them as a generic rule but not in all cases.
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