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Now on to Bid Day! Sorry for dragging this out so much, it was not my original intention, I was just busy with schoolwork and couldn't go on "fun" websites.

All of Bid Day was virtual, just like all of Recruitment was, so my bid card actually came in the form of an email. The bid in question was from Red, my favorite house, and Nationally known as...


Like I said, Bid Day was virtual, but we DID get to go and pick up Bid Day Baskets from the off-campus House that the President and her little (as well as some other sisters) lived in! That was my first time, besides from the Meet The Sisters events, where I met my Sisters in person!
Our actual bid day celebration though, was virtual, over Zoom. We all changed into our bid day shirts and wore them on the video call. I actually didn't get to meet the majority of my sisters in-person until this semester, a year later! But looking back, I wouldn't change any of this for the world. I was able to form a strong sisterhood when, technically speaking, the only people I really met face-to-face prior to Initiation were my Big, G-Big, Twin, President and her roommates, and our New Member Educator. And now, we're almost completely in-person, and I'm living with several members of my Tree! The fact that I was able to form such strong bonds with my sisters, even when I didn't get to meet them in person, means the world to me. And our first Chapter of this semester - basically the first time every single one of us was together since Initiation - was one of the most beautiful and emotional things I've ever witnessed! (The Fall that I joined, we were almost completely virtual. That Spring was a hybrid-semester, where only students with in-person labs were living on campus. This fall, however, almost a year later, we're completely back in business!)

I will forever be honored to be a part of this sisterhood, and I'm proud to say that this semester's recruitment was in person and went beautifully.
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