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Pref night! I woke up to find an invite back to Folklore and Red. I have to admit, I was surprised and maybe a bit disappointed that Evermore dropped me. I thought I connected with them, and they with me, much better than myself and Folklore. Still, I was honored to get invited back to Folklore and Red!

I attended Red first. I've heard so many stories about PNMs crying at pref night, and obviously I was expecting it to be emotional, but I didn't expect to be one of the women who cried! But I was! Only a few sisters spoke to us all as a group, sharing very personal struggles that this chapter / their sisters helped them to overcome. Then we went into the breakout rooms and talked to sisters as individuals, and they'd share their own stories and then talk to us. I was brutally honest and talked about how much the speeches made me tear up. Things then lightened up a bit, and I talked more about how beautiful I found their sisterhood to be and once again emphasized all of the reasons I want to be in a sorority. I only got to talk to two sisters, and had long conversations with each of them, most of which involved their favorite memories of the chapter. I'm slightly ashamed to say I don't remember more of the conversation.

Folklore's pref round was pretty similar. One sister talked about a health-related hardship that the sorority helped her with, and again, I got misty. In breakout rooms I talked to one sister for the whole time, instead of two. She talked to me about her own recruitment process and talked about how she's still close with her bid day buddy, and how although she was not best friends with every single sister, she loved and cared about every single one, and they for her, and how she was lonely before she joined her chapter but now she had dozens and dozens of women who were there for her, and I talked about how that was EXACTLY what I wanted. Although I still preferred Red, I had warmed up to Folklore more and more with each round. I ultimately ranked Red as my number one and Folklore as number two, knowing that even though I'd still slightly prefer Red, I truly would be happy in either sorority.
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