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Originally Posted by VioletCrush View Post
I am so angry I canít see straight. It took ADPi Nationals over ten days to publicly respond. It took them about 5 days to take action. How? Why? This incident was one of the most vile and hate filled of its kind.

And it wasnít just one girl. She gave this presentation to other members. I donít know how many, but I donít think it was two or three. The whole chapter needs to be gone. They are currently suspended pending investigation. What is there to investigate?

We ALL need to do better. We cannot allow this to exist in our chapters (and I donít think there are any orgs that have gone untouched by a racism scandal). We need them to take action for diversity and inclusion instead of a feel-good social media post. We need to teach these young women what to do when they are confronted by this and how to stand up to it. Enough is enough.

Perfectly stated.
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