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Originally Posted by riley_starke View Post
At my school the GPA minimum is a 2.5 and one of my sisters has exactly a 2.52. She is worried that she won't able to be social or be active next semester. However, since she met the minimum requirement I don't think she should worry.

I know most schools require a 2.5 minimum. How does it work at your school? Do sisters need to be above a 2.5 or is a 2.5 fine to remain active with no privileges taken away?

We really have no idea. Minimum GPA for privileges depends on your GLO's minimum requirements. That number may be higher than the GPA required by your university to remain in good standing. She needs to ask the appropriate chapter officer about the minimum GPA requirements for your organization.

At a 2.52, she may NEED to be on some kind of probationary status from your sorority or the University to help make sure that she buckles down and gets her grades up.
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