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It is good that you have an open mind. All sororities offer great experiences and opportunities to the members. That being said, you should try to get recs for each chapter at Arkansas.

Have you asked older HS friends who joined sororities at their schools? Even if you did not hang out with those girls, but you knew each other and/or were in HS clubs and activities together, it would be worth the effort to contact them. If they can't write a rec for you, they might know an alum who might. Have you asked former teachers;the parents of your friends; friends and coworkers of your parents ;ladies at church; neighbors; relatives? I have known girls who had success with finding recs by posting on FB that they are going to rush and would appreciate help with recs. Often their moms did the same on their own pages. Recs do not have to be from an alumna of the chapter at your school, just a member of that sorority.

And do please check out the recruitment forum in general(where there is a plethora of generic info you will find helpful) and the recruitment stories forum in particular. As carnation said, there are some good rush threads from Arkansas. We are here to help!
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