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Originally Posted by Wynter View Post
More or less ... the GLOs choose you and you either go along with it and enjoy or drop out.
This. It really isn't mutual selection because you have to be on the sorority's list to start with. Only if she's on every list does the rushee have a say. And to the extent that she's off more lists, she has less say. Even the least performing chapters STILL get to choose who they invite back and if they're only inviting back girls who don't want them there are going to be girls who weren't given the opportunity to mutually select them.

There are schools where there is a struggling chapter, but it's still a very competitive campus where girls get cut out of the process completely after round 1 or 2. That means that struggling chapter still had the upper hand in deciding they didn't want a girl who probably would have accepted them, even though it would be her last choice. That is not mutual.

... and then I went off on a tangent about selection and crazy ways of doing it and decided to self-edit. You're welcome.
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