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Originally Posted by 28StGreek View Post

I was just wondering whether PNMs thought they had more of a influencing factor in the whole process that they do in practice.

Yes, they do.

I've been saying forever that selection is a lot less mutual than I think Panhellenics lead PNMs to believe. It tips considerably in the chapter's favor.

This goes along with PNMs consistently saying "I cut XYZ this round" not fully understanding that they aren't cutting anyone.

I think I had to make a thread about that once because I got sick of PNMs thinking that.

That's why there's so much "OMGWTFBBQ" when a chapter shows up on their list that they ranked low or they end up with a bid from their 2nd choice. They aren't aware that selection isn't as mututal as it is portrayed. There'd be a lot less of that if the process were presented realistically.
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