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[. For people who are clued in, or who pick up on clues, the message is there: "try to get recs." But people who are totally new to the idea of NPC, and maybe a little shy about appearing to ask for favors, may miss the clues, not get recs, and . . . well, I hope they have a "great recruitment process," ,
but for places where recs are a good idea at the very least, or a necessity, I wish the message could be clearer! [/B][/QUOTE]


IMPO, I think that the sororities should tell the interested female students they see during summer registration/orientations to find their NPC alumnae group in their hometown. For women w/o a clue about the Greek system and the need for letters, it is devastating to be told oh, you're great, can't wait to see you back tomorrow, etc, then be dropped like a hot potato or cut hard. It's very difficult for these women with excellent grades, great community service, and good character to understand why they get dropped b/c they don't know about it, they may not have been in a community very long, no Greek family members/friends, etc. And, unfortunately, there are some Ro Chis who just don't know how to deal with that type of situation and don't know what to say or do with that young woman. So then, you have girls, wondering why "Am I not good enough, How come they didn't take me? What did I do wrong? "and nobody to answer them.
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