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Finally, Friday aka Pref Night was here! By this point, I am excited beyond belief. I felt very close to both sets of girls and was very nervous and undecided.

Again, we were split into our two groups and escorted by panhellenic into separate rooms. The first room (the same as the day before) was dressed all in black. I walked in and we all sat down to watch a slide show. This is a good idea, I suppose, for people who know these girls or are familiar with greek life, but I was just bored. This went on for over 2/3 of the alloted time. But, I had good conversation with these girls afterwards.

Then I went into the other sororities room and was met at the door by Ashley. (I remember this name) She got me punch and food and made sure that all my questions were answered. They then introduced their alumnae and everyone got into a circle. Each of the current members held candles and took turns saying what that sorority meant to them. They then did a wishing well theme to 'make a wish' while one of the members sang and played guitar.

The pnms then filled back into the original room to fill out pref cards. I was the last person in there. Most if not all of the other girls had already made up their mind which one was their first choice. I just sat there and contemplated my options. A good fifteen minutes went by and I could tell that the greek advisor was getting a little anxious.

So, I finally ranked my choices on the pref card. (Since there were only two sororities on campus, you could either put both in the order you'd want, or just put one)

As I was leaving, I was stopped by the greek advisor. She asked me if I knew everyone in both sororities. I told her no, that I knew one girl from each sorority going into recruitment and a few of my fellow pnms. She seemed floored.

She was under the impression that I knew everyone because of how much I talked with girls from each sorority. She was convinced that I knew them all and really didn't believe me.

The above does not reflect the personal opinions of ΣΣΣMagan. It in no way reflects the opinions of the Eta Rho chaper at Armstrong Atlantic State Univeristy of Sigma Sigma Sigma or National Panhellenic Conference.
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