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I was still on the fence about the whole thing. I mean, all through high school I hated the cliche sorority girl. In my county, we had a high school sorority who were known for their drinking, bad behaviors, and occasional philanthropy services. My maternal grandmother was a part of this high school sorority so I could have walked on as a legacy, but decided not to.

But, I decided to go through Fall 2006 University NPC Recruitment at the last minute. I had heard stories about how hush hush recruitment was and how selective they were. I was prepared for anything. Going into recruitment, I knew one girl from each sorority. One was in my Microbiology class with me and the other was a girl from the same county as me. I think that's pretty fair.

***Our recruitment 'week' is only three days long***

Open House
This was held on Wednesday during the lunch period where no classes are scheduled. Normally I wear a tshirt and jeans to class, but that day, I wore jeans and a nice shirt (ie not made of cotton). I got my name badge from the NPC desk and waited for it to begin. There were about 35 pnm's going through recruitment. (Remember, small school, new greek system!) The room was split into two by birthdays and each group was sent to a different sorority.

When I arrived at the first set of tables, I met many girls. I looked through their scrapbook of members and their trifold board of all their information. (Philanthropy, financial obligations, etc.) I chit chatted with most of the girls since there were only about 25 members. I felt welcomed and at home. One thing that really interested me was the fact that their chapter meetings are on Monday nights. I was and still am a commuter student traveling an hour away to attend class, so why not attend a meeting when I was already up there? (By this point, I had classes five days a week) The other sorority held their chapter meetings on Sundays. Time was up, I said my good-byes and proceeded over to the other side of the room.

When I arrived at this set of tables, I was immediately whisked away by girls. I was shown their scrapbook and their trifold board with their obigations and such. I met the current president who was a sophomore! This floored me!!! Why did a sophomore have so much respect? It was at this point I realized that maybe as a junior I had a shot in getting a bid.

I left open house very impressed with both sororities and very eager to embark on one of the greatest journeys of my life.
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