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Why not hop on the bandwagon? Mine's alot different!

So, I am new to GC and I read a couple of retro recruitment stories and loved each of them. My recruitment experience is COMPLETELY different and it's probably because I go to a small school with a newer greek system. So, here we go.

Well, I'm not gonna sugar coat it, (my username speaks it all), I am a Sigma Sigma Sigma. I will not reveal the name of the other 'house' on campus, because that would not be very panhellenic. We don't have a house because both NPC sororities were chartered in 2005 and are too new to afford a house. We have to work on getting our numbers up first.

I grew up in a very small town in southern Georgia and ended up going to a community college my first two years of college. I transferred to a University (which I will call University) the beginning of my Junior year. (Spring 06).

During spring 06, I was a commuter student and didn't know anyone. I only commuted twice a week, so I was never on campus. During the summer, I used the all-knowing facebook to do a search of people who had the same birthday as me (June 21) that went to University. I found plenty!! I also found this one girl who was the same major as me (Biology) and after messaging back and forth, we signed up for three of the same classes that fall. (Fall 06). I also was invited to join the Universities NPC group on facebook. So, I joined... why not?

The girl with the same major and birthday and I met the first day of class. We immediately hit it off. She was an employee of the University, so she took me on a tour. (I didn't even know we had a cafeteria!!!!) Then, we both saw a big sign on the wall promoting the University's NPC recruitment week. I casually mentioned that I might want to go through recruitment, and she said she was too along with her roommate.

More to come later - I have to go cook dinner.
The above does not reflect the personal opinions of ΣΣΣMagan. It in no way reflects the opinions of the Eta Rho chaper at Armstrong Atlantic State Univeristy of Sigma Sigma Sigma or National Panhellenic Conference.
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