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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Judging from the OP's posts, it sounds like this colony was started and run in an extremely loosey-goosey fashion, i.e. what some people would refer to as a "letter dump." Dump the letters on the women, throw some booklets at them, get your fee and whoop dee doo, you have a new chapter on your roll. If that is the case, blaming the chapter president or the collegiate members for not giving her due process is kind of like blaming a 6 year old who gets in a car for not being able to reach the gas pedal and coming to pick you up at the mall.

Now as I said - this is what I glean from the OP's posts. If there are other women who've had bad experiences with the chapter/colony, they need to consult the national headquarters as a group (not to mention the campus Greek life office, who may want to tell this national they need to have a come to Jesus moment if they want to stay a recognized campus organization). If she's the only one and everyone else is happy as clams, I'll go back to what I said before - neither side was "wrong", it just was a bad fit from the beginning.
I think that is a lot to assume from one girl's experience. Also consider that you are only hearing her side of the story.


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