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Originally Posted by tld221 View Post
oh come ON - what could a 17-18 year old freshman really say to a (possibly older) active that would make them cry? its a serious question-i really dont see a PNM being so crude and crass that it could bring a member to tears.

whatever it is, those girls need not be rushing PNMs. put them on the refreshment or door chant committee. i would hope that an active could handle the worst of anything a PNM could say, from "this house sucks" to "yo mama."
I agree with others that have commented about this - it really can be awful enough to make someone cry. Not during the party, but after or in between parties. Especially considering how raw everyone's nerves are after all the late nights and such. I've seen PNMs straight up ask "why did you invite me back, I didn't want to be here" or just simply not even talk and look down their nose at the chapter member recruiting them. Those are the ones I'd just like to shake and shout "where are you manners!!!"
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