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Originally Posted by tld221 View Post
oh come ON - what could a 17-18 year old freshman really say to a (possibly older) active that would make them cry? its a serious question-i really dont see a PNM being so crude and crass that it could bring a member to tears.

whatever it is, those girls need not be rushing PNMs. put them on the refreshment or door chant committee. i would hope that an active could handle the worst of anything a PNM could say, from "this house sucks" to "yo mama."
I am happy for you that you are not easily offended. I am not either, though at 18 years of age my skin was not as thick as it is now. I had friends in struggling chapters and the rude things PNMs would do to them was to say the least incomprehensible. I could not imagine being that rude to anyone. I could easily imagine an active crying by what some of these catty girls would do. I felt sorry for the active that had to be forced to deal with these b*tches and had to continue to be polite.
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