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Originally Posted by tld221 View Post
oh come ON - what could a 17-18 year old freshman really say to a (possibly older) active that would make them cry? its a serious question-i really dont see a PNM being so crude and crass that it could bring a member to tears.

whatever it is, those girls need not be rushing PNMs. put them on the refreshment or door chant committee. i would hope that an active could handle the worst of anything a PNM could say, from "this house sucks" to "yo mama."

Check out the "Weird Rush Stores" thread. It's quite full of stories of rude, snotty, PNMs who have the balls to say some very mean things about chapters, particularly those that are not their favorites. I doubt they'd cry about it DURING the party, but I have heard of active members of chapters being insulted enough by a comment to possibly cry between parties. I am not a crier, nor am I easily offended, but some people are.
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