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Originally posted by bcdphie
I have only been eligible to vote once provincially and I voted Liberal.

Federally I have been able to vote twice. First time I voted PC and second time Alliance. This time around (whenever Martin decides to dissolve Parliament) I will probably vote Liberal, but I be looking strongly at the PC platform too.

For those who are wondering what the heck Im talking about, this is where these parties lie on the Canadian political spectrum:

Liberals are pretty much dead centre - a nice mix of socialism and capitalism

PC - a bit right of centre - like the Liberals but with more capitalist tendancies

Alliance - furthest right mainstream party in Canada - I don't agree with many of their policies, (but I had local reasons for voting Alliance last time round) - Preston you should have kept in Reform.
You left out some of the other guys.....

NDP - left of centre, staunchly socialist, runs federaly but never wins. Does so-so provincially.

Green - way left of centre, very socialist (I do like their platform of corporate accountability though.) A provincial party for now as they are mounting a more concerted effort to achieve federal party status.

Natural Law - okay these guys are so far out there you can't really qualify as being left. They stand for legal pot mostly and have some far out notions regarding national defense and basic physics. Provincial/Municipal only (though they do try to make the federals).

Marxist-Leninist - The lovable communist party; has made a go at things since the 1920s. Provincial/Municipal elections only.

Commonwealth Party - Last I checked they were a breakaway from the Marxists, and followed Trotsky(?) communist teachings. Provincial/Municipal.

Monarchist - generally tow the same line as the PCs, but believe in giving more power to the Queen (basically a return to the early to late 19th century). Provincial/Municipal.

Thats all I can remember for now......

Oh yeah I vote PC federally and Liberal provincially. I'd like to see a PC minority government federally, and a minority Liberal party provincially.
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