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Originally Posted by APhi2KD View Post
Because it is absolutely pointless. The system is stagnant.
The “bottom two” are unacceptable choices to the SMU clientele. Doesn’t matter how good they are or how their sisterhood is.

SMU moved up the date of full reimbursement because so many would drop when they didn’t get top six. But they still drop and take the financial hit because their futures are RUINED if they don’t get PKT. (and I’d assume there are some 5s and 6s in the exodus, as well.)

There is no point in adding #9 if #s 7 & 8 are still considered insufferable.
There are a couple other schools like this, where there are huge numbers of PNMs, but they refuse the chapters other that the top few, Univ of So Cal , Texas, and even Ole Miss (Theta closed last year even tho quota was in the 100s.) That is such a shame. I think it gives Greek Life a bad rep.
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