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These kids aren't living under a rock. If this was fifteen years ago when this stuff was in its infancy, I could see where there was no precedent. But we've all seen major celebs taken down by Twitter and such. If you live on social media like most of these kids do, I can't see it coming as a surprise that people judge you for what you post (frankly...isn't that the point of posting for a lot of people?)

I think to say it's going to "ruin their lives" is taking it too far. Isn't the girl from Maryland (of "I will c*nt punt you for not having fun at Greek week" fame) writing articles now? This won't make anyone look good, but in a few years no one will remember what happened except in the really big cases. And half the time the person's name isn't even released.

I'm more concerned with the racial disparities in the CJ system that brand 18 year olds as felons for life for doing something that would be a summary offense in college. But since no one here seems to believe this disparity exists (despite evidence), I am not going to argue the point.
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