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Red face Vanderbilt recruitment

The Fall open houses are for the MEN's Fraternities - if you want to join one at Vandy, then you NEED to be going to EVERY event scheduled.

Men's recruitment is VERY different than the women's - - I'll leave that to one of the men on this forum to explain.

If you asked about this for Women's Fraternity - - the recruitment schedule for women begins in JANUARY.

Until then - - GET YOUR RECs IN!!!

And "Keep it Classy!" as the upperclasswomen are watching. First term grades are used to determine who is eligible for membership, so STUDY, STUDY, STUDY.

While Vandy is not a typical SEC school, their rush can be just as brutal. Since this "highly competitive" school eliminates many grade risks, and most everyone there has accomplishments up to their armpits, it really is "who knows you" that keeps you on top of the return lists.

Any PNM at Vandy should be grateful for ANY bids, all of the chapters there are stellar.
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