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There's a lot of this going on in the Philipines. I find all of this lame. There's a Phi Kappa Sigma over there as well (as well as numerous other copycats). I think there are actually a couple of that have affialted with the nationals in the US (I mean like one or two).

On another note though, I heard from one of our advisor once, that some Phi Kap alums in Asia actually statred chapters over there and natioanls were aware but didn't make them official chapters due to the costs that would be incurred with monitoring them over there. I wonder if something similar is how some of these copycat "orgs/chapters" started?

Personaly, I find it irresponsible of any alum to start a chapter without a the consent of nationals particularly in a foregin country where costs would be prohbitive from nationals being able to montior them and make them an offical chapter.