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Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
I think there may be more, who are either conflicted or simply not speaking up.
Sure. That's why I was trying to be careful about how I phrased it in terms of people who had actually expressed an opinion. (Whether I succeeded in being careful is a different question. )

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Someone from the midwest may simply lack the context to be able to understand why many southerners are eager to distance themselves from the views held by their forebears.
I think this is probably true. I also think that people who don't live here may lack the context or the first-hand experience to understand how the Lost Cause mythology/romanticism permeates things (though much less than it did when I was a child), the state (good and bad) of race relations now, or how these issues actually affect communities now.

In some ways, I think it may be a case of to "outsiders" (for want of a better term), this looks like a debate about monuments and history, while to many of us in the South—on both sides of the issue—it's more a debate about "who are we and what do we stand for?"
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