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Originally Posted by MysticCat View Post
This Tar Heel (though with some old Virginia roots thrown in) appreciates very much that you've jumped in. Thank you.

Admittedly, relatively few people have posted about this topic, so it's certainly not a representative sampling, but I find it interesting that the Southerners¹ who've weighed in have, I think, been uniform in saying that the statues were primarily erected in order to reinforce White Supremacy and no longer have a place in the public squares of our communities, while those who have talked about things like erasing history, honoring the dead or where to draw lines have been from outside the states of the Confederacy. FWIW.

¹ Meaning here people from states that seceded to join the Confederacy. (Though now that I think about it, and without going back and looking through the thread, that may just be you and me. There are others who have posted with family roots in the South.)
I think there may be more, who are either conflicted or simply not speaking up. I have Southern roots, but I have yet to be able to prove that any of my ancestors owned slaves. Sadly, there is one line which may have done so, but I'm still working on that proof. It's not as if I can change the fact, either way.

Yes. Monticello, for example, does a good job of exploring the history of Jefferson and his slaves.
As do both Mount Vernon and Colonial Wiliamsburg. I can only imagine that the trend will continue throughout other antebellum mansions or sites.
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