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Originally Posted by MasonsInquiries View Post
hello, everyone! i'm new to the site and I have several things to say concerning this issue.

FIRST, i wouldn't say that black women are scaring black men off. i really wish more black men would step up to the plate and learn how to be just that (MEN). as of 10/17/09, 35% of all the black men in this country have either been to jail or are currently in jail. more brothers need to step up to the plate and be actual "fathers" to the children they make. also, it would be nice if more brothers went to college. if this recession, doesn't teach someone the importance of a quality education, then NOTHING will. get it together, brothas!!!

NOW, sistas.....

i want to first start off by saying that BY FAR, black women are the most beautiful creatures on the face of this earth. seemingly, most black women have everything that, frankly, any man would want; everything except the most important thing.....the RIGHT attitude. of all the women on the face of this earth, black women are the LEAST desired, and do you guys know why? the ATTITUDE!

most black women i've ever come in contact with in my lifetime seem to have the same characteristics below:

1) most black women don't know how to love. they know how to SCREW, but not love someone (for eternity).

2) most black women are unsupportive

3) most black women are unappreciative

4) most black women are shallow.

5) most black women try to be control freaks

6) most black women don't know the difference between being aggressive and being rude.

7) most black women have no class.

now, let me say something about "class". for those sistas who have never been taught how to have class, that's another issue. you can't blame someone for something they've never been taught. but however, for those sistas who know exactly what it means to have class but still chooses to act "ghetto", that's what i have a problem with. class is something that ANYONE can learn, people!!!

mary j. blige went to etiquette school some years ago because she admitted that "even though i have a successful music career, i have no class". since she has done this, i have had as much respect for her as one person could have for another. the queen of r&b is a better woman because of this change.

8) most black women are loud.

now, alot of my friends don't have a problem with this, but i do. it goes back to #8 (having NO class).

so, in essence, i guess you could say in a big way that black women are indeed scaring us away....
I agree about the black guys, most are fucked up. I disagree about the black chicks. I don't see the attitude you're talking about, and I work with black chicks. I seriously would love to get something going with a black chick. I don't have a preference when it comes to chicks, but I would love to try something I never had.

edit: to be honest with you, you have no class. You're a fucking retard. Most black chicks I've come across in my lifetime have been pretty decent chicks. You're a piece of shit.

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