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A Gold Medal Recruitment!

Hi all!

My name is Kate and I recently completed recruitment at a teeny liberal arts college somewhere in the world. I come from a family of sorority women and several of my high school friends are in sororities at larger universities, but none have chapters on my campus. For the sake of anonymity, I will only be naming my own chapter at the end of this story and using code-names for all of them throughout. Because I am a huge hockey fan - as you might have noticed by my username - Iíve decided to code-name each sorority after the last five cities to host winter olympics: Sochi, Vancouver, Turin, Salt Lake, and Nagano.

I wish that I could say I was going into recruitment without bias, and perhaps if I went to a larger school or my school held fall recruitment, that would be the case. But when you are on the same campus literally 24/7 and go to class, club meetings, and parties alongside sorority women, impressions do emerge. I was most excited for Nagano because they are so involved in other campus activities and least excited about Salt Lake because they are the least diverse sorority on campus by far (they stick out in a bad way because they all look exactly the same.) Still, I was determined to give every sorority a chance and I knew I would be happy wherever I ended up.

When the first day of recruitment arrived, I feltÖ completely unprepared. I am a quiet, introverted person. I also acknowledge that I have a pretty quirky personality. I wondered if I could really get across who I am in just a few short conversations. I had been thinking about recruitment for so long that it didnít seem real when it finally came around. But then there I was! I'll save my first round descriptions for the next post. I am so excited to share my story with you all!
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