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I go to U of K which is an SEC school, and I'm here to tell you it's heinous. I've been through rush as both rushee and rusher, and it's no better in either position. This past fall we had around 600 going through rush, I believe, and it's so so so hard to keep anyone straight much less figure out who would be best for my sorority. I still feel sorry for the poor rushees, though (pardon my un-PC terms, but I think the new ones are ridiculous). Even if I love a certain girl to death, she might not get to be my sister because I myself do not have a say in who gets invited back--that's all up to the "invitation committee", made up of four or five of our members. The other hundred girls in my chapter don't have a say, either, so I think a lot depends on sheer luck.

And whoever tells you that recs don't matter at big schools like this is plain nuts! On the registration forms for rush, PNMs are specifically instructed that it is not their job to obtain recs, because if they are required it is the sorority's responsibility to get them. (Heh?!?!?) So, being very green at this whole rush thing, I didn't have any recs sent in--although I would have had one for three or four different groups, and I wonder now if things would have turned out a lot different. I don't really regret pledging my sorority because I picked a good one (although the dynamics are changing fast, but that's another story), but I do wonder about it. So the moral of the story is, rush is NOT a good way to find out where each girl "belongs," but I can't complain too much because I don't have a good alternative idea. But I still stand by what I said before...that "you'll end up where you belong" is a bunch of baloney.
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