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*Not showing up ON PNM list

Rush is still ongoing at my school, and I don't believe I had any potentially alarming stats or go to a very competitive school according to Greek Chat standards, as I've done some reading here. However, I was surprised by my invite list for first invite after open house, as while I didn't go in expecting a full list or to even have many "competitive" houses, I was surprised that of all the houses on campus, I only got invites from a couple/around 22% of them (there are many, almost 20) and I had not ranked 75% of them as #1 after open house (we have #1 slots for the max number of houses we can return to).

Then I heard from a friend in a house who'd written me a rec herself (and according to her that should have carried me to first because of their policy) who was upset that I wasn't invited back. I told her about my small invite list, and she asked their chapter's computer chair who told her (and I have screenshots) that she couldn't find me in the recorded registered PNM's, either by name or PNM number and that's why she hadn't matched me to the rec, which she could find, or put me on the list for first invite. She then suggested they keep me in mind for a snap bid as she didn't think they'd make quota anyway.

My friend says this is clearly a computer snafu, and while I want to reach out to Panhell to see if this was more widespread (as there are so many houses I would have liked to be invited back to/seem more of), I would like some advice in doing so. How do I provide substantial proof without naming my friend and her sorority? Have any of you come across issuess like this, and what happened? I would like to think I'd get some invites back if there is an issue, but first already happened, and I didn't go to a majority of the houses, though I did go to every house that invited me back and tried to perform well. Would it be wrong to tell friends in other houses if something did go wrong and ask them if they could consider advocating for me if they need to snap bid (my school is limited, not no contact, by the way)?

I don't know if it's worth saying I did register late, probably right before the portal closed (did it day of), though I was assigned a number.

Thank you so much!
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This is interesting. These things usually do not happen.
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