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Originally Posted by NUBlue&Blue View Post
I think that I said this before, but on one of my daughter's future college facebook groups, one girl actually posted all the stereotypes of the sororities (as told to her by her boyfriend or brother or something). They have another group about going greek and many many girls have said "I'm rushing ABC" or "I'm looking at ABC and XYZ because they're supposed to be the best". I am thinking "shut up or you'll be GDI". And then there are the Facebook photos open for all the world (or anybody in your network) to see. For pete's sake, you don't have to take 60 pictures and post ALL of them everytime you get into a car or go to a party with your friends. I think that so many kids just always get everything they want that they can't imagine that they wouldn't be the one doing the choosing.

My daughter has so many friends going to UGA--I just pray that we do not have another disappointing year. I have tried to talk to their mothers about getting the recs together, not getting your heart set on a certain sorority before you even get there, etc. and these girls are very aware of what happened last year, but I don't think they really grasp what it is going to be like.

One thing they need to KNOW is that "mutual selection" is not quite as mutual as they imagine. I think most of them believe they are in the power position, when it most definitely is the opposite.
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