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Delta State University
Cleveland, MS
August 7-11
Campus Total=
Quota last year=25
Delta Delta Delta Phi Phi 1962 (26)
Kappa Delta Gamma Psi 1962 (22)
Phi Mu Kappa Epsilon 1966 (21)
Zeta Tau Alpha Iota Kappa 1985-1998

Lewis School for Girls
Oxford, MS

Delta Gamma Psi (Founding Chapter) 1873-1889

Millsaps College
Jackson, MS
September 4-8
Campus Total=40 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=11
Kappa Delta Mu 1914 (13)
Phi Mu Epsilon 1914 (13)
Delta Zeta Alpha Omega 1926-1936
Chi Omega Chi Delta 1934 (13)
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Phi 1964-1974
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Zeta 1986 (12)

Mississippi State University
Starksville, MS
August 13-18
Campus Total=275 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=Variable (73-104)
**Open for Extension**
Chi Omega Phi Delta 1936 (87)
Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Zeta 1940 (84)
Phi Mu Kappa Alpha 1962 (87)
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Eta 1966-1983/1985-1988/2013 (105+5)
Delta Gamma Delta Lambda 1969 (88)
Kappa Delta Delta Omega 1971 (87)
Delta Delta Delta Beta Mu 1972 (84)
Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Upsilon 1974-1984
Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Tau 1977-1984
Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Theta 1989-2002
Pi Beta Phi Mississippi Gamma 2009 (86+1)

Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, MS
**Campus open for NPC**

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
Oxford, MS
September 23-30
Campus Total=403 (Revised Fall 2018)
Quota last year=Variable (100-162)
Chi Omega Tau 1899-1912/1926 (102)
Delta Delta Delta Chi 1904-1912/1926 (109)
Phi Mu Alpha Delta 1926 (120)
Delta Gamma Alpha Psi 1927-1931/1938 (116)
Kappa Delta Alpha Mu 1927 (115)
Delta Zeta Beta Beta 1928-1953
Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Delta 1939-1986/1989-1999

Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Rho 1947 (121)
Alpha Omicron Pi Nu Beta 1958 (138)
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Sigma 1961-1997/2013 (138)
Pi Beta Phi Mississippi Beta 1962 (138)
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Gamma 1971-1976
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Zeta 1979-2018 (90)
Alpha Phi Iota Omega 2016 (138)

University of Southern Mississippi
(Mississippi Southern College)
Hattiesburg, MS
September 2-5
Campus Total=141 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=34+7=41
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma 1937-1985
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Delta 1938-?
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Kappa 1940-1956 National absorbed with Delta Zeta

Kappa Delta Beta Sigma 1949 (43)
Chi Omega Epsilon Delta 1949 (43)
Phi Mu Alpha Omicron 1950 (40)
Delta Delta Delta Phi Epsilon 1951 (42)
Delta Zeta Epsilon Mu 1956-1997?
Pi Beta Phi Mississippi Alpha 1961 (41)
Delta Gamma Delta Pi 1971 (42)
Alpha Delta Pi Eta Zeta 1985 (39)
Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Psi 1998-2008
Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Sigma 2014 (41)

Water Valley Seminary
Water Valley, MS

Delta Gamma Chi 1877-1880

Alpha Gamma Delta
Mississippi State University Theta Theta 1989-2002

Alpha Delta Pi
University of Mississippi Delta Sigma 1961-1997/2014
Mississippi State University Epsilon Eta 1966-1983/1985-1988/2013
University of Southern Mississippi Eta Zeta 1985

Alpha Xi Delta
University of Mississippi Zeta Gamma 1971-1976

Alpha Omicron Pi
University of Mississippi Nu Beta 1958

Alpha Sigma Alpha
University of Southern Mississippi Beta Delta 1938-?

Alpha Phi
University of Mississippi Iota Omega 2016

Alpha Chi Omega
Mississippi State University Epsilon Upsilon 1974-1984
University of Southern Mississippi Kappa Sigma 2014

Delta Gamma
Lewis School for Girls Psi (Founding Chapter) 1873-1889
Water Valley Seminary Chi 1877-1880

University of Mississippi Alpha Psi 1927-1931/1938
Mississippi State University Delta Lambda 1969
University of Southern Mississippi Delta Pi 1971

Delta Delta Delta
University of Mississippi Chi 1904-1912/1926
University of Southern Mississippi Phi Epsilon 1951
Delta State University Phi Phi 1962
Mississippi State University Beta Mu 1972
Millsaps College Gamma Zeta 1986

Delta Zeta
Millsaps College Alpha Omega 1926-1936
University of Mississippi Beta Beta 1928-1953
University of Southern Mississippi Epsilon Mu 1956-1997

Zeta Tau Alpha
University of Mississippi Gamma Delta 1939-1986/1989-1999
Mississippi State University Gamma Zeta 1940
Millsaps College Delta Phi 1964-1974
Delta State University Iota Kappa 1985-1998

Kappa Alpha Theta
University of Mississippi Epsilon Zeta 1979-2018
University of Southern Mississippi Zeta Psi 1998-2008

Kappa Delta
Millsaps College Mu 1914
University of Mississippi Alpha Mu 1927
University of Southern Mississippi Beta Sigma 1949
Delta State University Gamma Psi 1962
Mississippi State University Delta Omega 1971

Kappa Kappa Gamma
University of Mississippi Delta Rho 1947
Mississippi State University Epsilon Tau 1977-1984

Pi Beta Phi
University of Southern Mississippi Mississippi Alpha 1961
University of Mississippi Mississippi Beta 1962
Mississippi State University Mississippi Gamma 2009

Sigma Sigma Sigma
University of Southern Mississippi Alpha Sigma 1937-1985

Phi Mu
Millsaps College Epsilon 1914
University of Mississippi Alpha Delta 1926
University of Southern Mississippi Alpha Omicron 1950
Mississippi State University Kappa Alpha 1962
Delta State University Kappa Epsilon 1966

Chi Omega
University of Mississippi Tau 1899-1912/1926
Millsaps College Chi Delta 1934
Mississippi State University Phi Delta 1936
University of Southern Mississippi Epsilon Delta 1949
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